Eat-in Menu



1.Satay Marinated grilled chicken slivers with a peanut sauce and a chilli and cucumber dip. Street food favourite. (N) £5.95

2.Bor Bia Sot Fresh wraps of Thai herbs and vegetables with tamarind sauce. (V) £5.25

3.Gung Tord King Prawns coated in a light crispy batter with a sweet plum and chilli sauce. £6.95

4.Kanom Bang Na He’d Thai Toasties. Seasoned chopped mushrooms and sesame seeds on toast, with a cucumber and onion relish. (N)(V) £4.50

5.Bla Muk Tord Thai style calamari, squid deep fried with salt and chilli. (H) £6.95

6.Beek Gai Bangkok Café style chicken wings £4.95

7.See Kron Moo Tord Spicy and sticky pork ribs. Delicious. £5.25

8.Yam Ner Spicy beef salad with Thai herbs. Popular throughout Thailand. (H) £6.25

9.Larb Gai Northern style minced chicken with chilli and Thai herbs served in lettuce wraps. (H) £5.75

10.Dom Yam Gung Spicy prawn soup with lemon grass, galingal and coriander. Once tried, never forgotten! (H) £5.95

11.Dom Kar Kapport A delicate mild soup of coconut cream; lemongrass and galangal with mushrooms and baby corn. (V) £4.25

Stir Fries

All dishes come with steamed Thai rice and a specialside dish
12.Bed Grapow Slices of roast duck stir fried with holy basil and chilli. Served with yellow rice & steamed green vegetables with a coconut dressing. £11.95

13.Gung Pat Prik King prawns with Thai herbs, chillies and red peppers (H) and vegetable tempura. £12.50

14.Gai Met Mamuang Chicken, cashew nuts and roasted chillies (N) (H) and a spicy mushroom soup. (H) £11.25

15.Dowhoo Pat Prik Crispy tofu with roasted chillies and red peppers and fresh green vegetables with a coconut dressing. (V) £10.50

16.Moo Pat Pet Slices of pan fried pork in a red curry sauce with Thai herbs and green peppercorns. Served with vegetable tempura. £10.95

17.Ner Pat Naman Hoi Slivers of beef and leeks stir fried in oyster sauce. Served with vegetable tempura. Where East meets West. £11.95

18.Pla Grob Pat Prik Crispy trout pieces with red peppers and Thai basil. Served with steamed green vegetables with a coconut dressing. £11.50

19.Hed Pat King Medley of mushrooms with garlic and Thai herbs in soy sauce. Served with yellow rice and vegetable tempura. (V) £9.95


20.Gai Yang Som Dam Half a chicken marinated in a special sauce with sticky rice and Som Dam salad. (H) (N) With a dipping sauce. £16.50

21.Ner Nam Dok Slices of rib eye beef marinated in a typical north-eastern dressing (H) with steamed rice and crispy vegetables. £17.50

22.Moo Yang ‘Pork 2 Ways’ – marinated grilled pork with a dip and pork ‘yam’ salad served with sticky rice. (H) £15.50

23.Bed Makarm Duck breast with tamarind sauce lightly grilled and served with steamed Thai rice and morning glory. £16.50


All dishes come with steamed Thai rice and a special side dish.

24.Gang Kio Warn Gai Traditional hot green chicken curry (H) and vegetable tempura. £11.25

25.Gang Dang Bed Spicy roast duck red curry (H) and fresh green vegetables with a coconut dressing. £12.50

26.Gang Massaman Gah On Southern style lamb curry with peanuts and potatoes, cucumber relish (N) and fresh green vegetables with a coconut dressing. £12.95

27.Penang Ner Southern style dry curry of spicy beef with ground peanuts and coconut (H)(N) with vegetable tempura. £12.50

28.Gang Massaman Tofu Southern style curry with peanuts and potatoes with tofu. Served with cucumber relish (N) and fresh green vegetables with coconut drerssing. (V) £10.95

29.Pumpkin Curry Mild yellow coconut curry of pumpkin, white radish and green beans served with fresh green steamed vegetables with a coconut dressing.(V) £11.25

30.Gang Kua Gung Prawn and pineapple red curry and steamed £12.50


31.Pad Thai The classic Thai noodle dish. Soft ribbon noodles stir fried with prawns, bean sprouts and ground peanuts. (N) £10.25

32.Bangkok Café Noodles Glass noodles tossed with prawns, squid, pak choy, baby corn and spring onions with a hint of curry. Yummy! £10.25

33.Kwideow Dom Ka Gai Ribbon noodles with chicken, lemon grass and galingal in a creamy coconut soup. A favourite. £9.95

34.Kwidieow Khi Maw Bet ‘Drunken Noodles’ Ribbon noodles pan fried with duck, chillies, fresh peppercorns and holy basil. (H) £10.50


Bangkok Cafe Specials

35.Gai Tord Chicken breast in a crispy coating with two sauces – served with steamed Thai rice, stir fried vegetables and a spicy mushroom soup. £13.95

36.Pla Tord Whole sea bass fried until golden served with yellow rice, green vegetables and a chilli and lime sauce. £16.50

37.Kai Luk Koey ‘Son in Law Eggs’! Whole boiled eggs fried till crisp drizzled with a sweet and sour tamarind sauce and topped with fried shallots and roasted chillies. Served with yellow rice, green vegetables and a spicy mushroom soup. £9.50

38.Kow Kuk Grabee Traditional dish from the north east. Rice stir fried in a roasted chilli paste with accompaniments of pork, green mango sticks, shredded omelette, dried prawns and chillies. Served with a spicy mushroom soup. £11.50

Vegetable Sides

39.Hed Ruam Pat Medley of mushrooms with garlic stir fired in oyster sauce. £3.95

40.Som Dam Thailand’s favourite street salad. Shredded fresh green papaya, green beans and carrots with dried shrimps, peanuts, garlic, chilli and lime juice. (H)(N) £4.95

41.Pat Pak Kio Broccoli and young kale in light soy sauce. £3.95

42.Pat Pak Tord Thai style tempura. Mixture of deep fried vegetables in a light batter. £3.95

(H) – hot, spicy.
(V) – without meat or fish.
(N) – contains nuts or nut traces.

We do not use flavour enhancers or artificial additives.

Please note that there is a 10% service charge on groups of 8 or more.