Pat Thai Classic dry noodles with dried shrimp or tofu and egg.(V) Served with peanuts and chilli.
Quideow Ner Sap Beef and baby corn noodles in a light curry sauce.
Quideow Moo/ Tofu Pat See-uw Pork or crispy tofu (V), egg and green vegetables noodles in dark soy sauce .

Noodle Soups-£5.50

Quideow Narm Gai Chicken, pak choi & bean sprouts in a light soy noodle soup
Quideow Narm Ner Beef , basil, young greens & bean sprouts in a dark soy noodle soup.
Quideow Narm Hed Mixed mushrooms and baby corn in a light soy noodle soup.(V)

Rice Dishes-£5.50

Kow Pat Gai/Kai Thai style chicken or egg (V) fried rice with cucumber and spring onions.
Kow Pat Prik Ner/Hed Beef or mushroom(V) fried rice with red peppers and chillies.(H)
Kow Pat Prik Gang Kio Warn Green chicken curry fried rice with mange touts.
Panang Ner Lard Kow Beef panang curry with ground peanuts on a bed of rice.