Baan Romjit

Baan Romjit is a small charity which makes a big impact on the lives of many children. It is currently supporting the education and welfare of Burmese and Karen children whose families have fled across the border into Thailand.

  • The name Baan Romjit means “Shelter for the Heart”.
  • The aim of the charity is to help children troubled by natural disasters and/or displacement.
  • Baan Romjit engages in a host of fundraising activities. If you too would like to donate online please visit the How To Donate page.

Thai House

The first in Wales. The Thai House Restaurant was established in Cardiff in 1985 by Noi Ramasut from Bangkok and his Welsh wife Arlene Thomas. They were very much pioneers at a time when were only five Thai restaurants in the whole of London. Now, with over fifteen hundred Thai restaurants throughout the U.K.,Thai food has proved itself to be one of Britain’s most popular cuisines with The Thai House continuing to set the trend and the standard.

Trip Advisor

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Sugar Vine

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